Monday, December 31, 2012

HA1YA Hungary new one on 4m band and DXCC # 37

As of 30 December 2012 the Hungarian radio amateurs may use 70 MHz again and this time with a permanent allocation. The permission follow the new Frequency Allocation Table, page 38353, issued by the Hungarian regulator. The licensing conditions are 70,0 MHz to 70,5 MHz and 10 W.
Yesterday i worked on 70.110 fsk441 Mr Gabi HA1YA
That was a new one for me on this band and DXCC #37
Thanks Mr Gabi.
Hope to catch more HA's on 70mhz in the next days
73 and HNY de SV2DCD Leonidas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas !!!
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Friday, December 14, 2012

eDxCalendar by

Are you a DXer ?? Here is your new DX tool !!
The brand new eDxCalendar by SV2AGW
Good luck my friend George with this new project
73 de sv2dcd

Friday, November 23, 2012

"SV2Tsipouro" meeting

What a terrible situation......
A five member Northern Greek ham radio team got dizzy yesterday evening while drinking local drink named "Tsipouro"
In the team the very well known George SV2AGW
If you find any bugs in the latest AGWPE software now you know why !!!!!!!
God help those guys to recover soon !!!

P.S I envy you guys !! Too pity that i was not able to visit you due to qrl.73 all


Monday, November 5, 2012

Packet Engine Pro new Release

Packet Engine Pro new Release. New improved Soundcard afsk modems.Fixed various problems.
Version 2012.1105

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New 4m band allocation for Greece

As of 23rd of Oct all SV can use the whole subband 70.000-70.250 MHZ on secondary basis (and not only the 70.200-70.250)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

IARU Region I. UHF/SHF Contest

SV2RM,SV2DCD,SV2MCH,SV2ESV will be qrv during the IARU Region 1 UHF/SHF contest from KN00OQ portable operation but only on Sunday.
For sked sms +306972858742 and also ON4KST chat
Good luck all
73 de SV2DCD

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CQ WW Update 2012 Webinar

The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) is please to provide the following Webinar.

Title: CQ WW Update 2012
The new CQ WW DX Contest Director Randy Thompson, K5ZD, will provide an update on the status of the contest including new rules for 2012, log entry tips, fair play, and various other topics of interest. Questions will be taken following the presentation.

Anyone who plans to operate the CQ WW Contest should attend.
Date: Sunday, October 21
Time: 19:00 UTC

Monday, October 1, 2012

4m TEP is getting stronger

ZS6JON/B on 70.005Mhz
4m band TEP conditions are getting better and better.This is very promising also for some TEP on 2m band.
Yesterday evening again around 17:15z i was able to work two ZS stations on 70.205 cw and ssb.
ZS6NK Paul answered my CQ call with a report of 529 from KG46RC.After Paul ZS6JON Jon called me with the same report 529 from KG33VV
You can listen both qso's here ZS6NK ZS6JON 4m TEP
Listen to the CW sound.Sounds like aurora.
Here you can listen ZS6NK on SSB ZS6NK SSB 4M TEP.Again TEP distortion
On the image above you can see that distortion on ZS6JON/B 70.005 mhz copied yesterday.The tone of the beacon is more than 1khz wide
As from yesterday 4 ZS station worked total on 70mhz from SV2DCD
Looking for the next one !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New ODX on 4m for SV2DCD

Yesterday evening around 18:34z i worked for a new grid square and new ODX record for me on 4m band the South African station ZS6BTE in qrg 70.200 mode CW
RST received was 519 and RST sent was 529
You can hear the qso and ZS6BTE tep sound signal here ZS6BTE 4m cw qso
The grid locator of ZS6BTE is KG3XV so the new ODX distance for me is 7403 km (7177 km was with ZS6WAB)
Great evening TEP openings for about a week now.Keep listening and good luck all 73 de SV2DCD

Friday, September 21, 2012

TEP is back again on 4m band

Yesterday evening TEP conditions came back on 4m band.
I was able to copy Willem ZS6WAB on 70200 ssb around 18:00z with an rst 42a
Then ZS6WAB turned to ISCAT mode
This screen shows how i was able to copy his signal in KN00PL
My setup on 4m band is a YAESU FT-847 with bulit in CT1FFU preamplifier and 9el 10m boom DK8ZB homemade antenna
Good luck with the TEP season on 6m and 4m bands.Maybe on 2m also !! Who knows ?
73 de SV2DCD

Monday, September 10, 2012

NH8S new one DXCC # 331

A 16 member team is active from Swains Island IOTA OC-200 with the call NH8S
Due to its remoteness, Swains Island is considered a separate amateur radio entity.
The 2007 amateur radio dx pedition with the call sign N8S made more than 117.000 contacts worldwide. This set a new world record for an expedition using generator power and tents for living accommodations.
Unfortunatly i was not active by that time N8S was on air
5 years later thanks to NH8S dx pedition a new one DXCC # 331 is in my logbook !!
Thank you guys !!
Hope to catch you on many bands !!
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Friday, July 20, 2012

SX1GR Acropolis of Athens

in year 2012, July 18 - 22

Special Radio Amateur Event from the Sacred Rock of Acropolis of Athens:"Greece sent message".
Radio Amateur Association of Greece (R.A.A.G)
Supported by:
1. National Technical University of Athens /School of Electrical and Computer Engineering /Mobile Radiocommunications Laboratory
2. Dx Plus Hellenic Radio Amateur M.I. Team
Special QSL award & Special QSL plaque Gravure will be available on request for any QSO.
For additional information & orders please contact SV1HER:  or
The Acropolis Museum:
1) official, in Greek & English language)

2) good material in english) &

In Greek / στα ελληνικά

Acropolis virtual tour:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SZ2RCK Team during the Aegean Vhf and July Fielday Vhf contest

VHF,UHF and SHF antennas @ SZ2RCK

Last weekend we had the Aegean Vhf and July Fielday Vhf contest
Our team was qrv from Grammos Mnt 1800masl in KN00LI
Here are some fotos from the contest

SV2RM working 432mhz @ SZ2RCK

SV2DCD working 144mhz @ SZ2RCK

SV2NRU working 50mhz @ SZ2RCK

TS200X on 432mhz and 1296 mhz

SV2FNH trying on 23cm

Our 6m antenna

Our 432Mhz antenna

1st 144mhz antenna 2x5el

Second 144mhz antenna 2x7 el

4m antenna just in case for esporadic

3rd 144mhz antenna 16el

SV2RM and 432mhz antenna with preamp

SV2FNH on logistics.BBQ @ 1800m asl.

Sunrise @ KN00LI

SV2RM and 1296mhz antenna



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SV5BYR Mike new one on 4m band and DXCC # 36

I was waiting for this qso long long time ! Today was the day i worked on 4m band for a new one my good friend Mike SV5BYR during a great E sporadic short skip opening at 15:15 z
Thank you Mike for this great qso and for my new DXCC # 36 on 4m band
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SZ2RCK qrv during the Aegean VHF Contest and July field day contests

A five member team from Radio club of Kastoria,Western Macedonia,GREECE
SV2RM,SV2DCD,SV2ESV,SV2MCH and SV2NRU will be qrv from Mnt.Grammos KN00LI 1800m asl during the Aegean Vhf Contest and the July field day contests from 7 July to 8 July 2012
We will be qrv on 6m,4m,2m,70cm and 23cm
Our equipment is

6m: 5el F9FT,100W,FT2000,ICOM 706
4m: 5el DK7ZB+preamp,70w,FT847
2m: 16el F9FT+2x5el F9FT,200W,FT847
70cm: 4x19el longboom DK7ZB+preamp,50w,TS2000X
23cm: 1,2m dish,10w,TS2000X

All stations will be @ ON4KST chat rooms online via wifi connection for any sked

For those who like sked via email
email is
and sms +306972858742

73 and good luck in the contest
de SV2DCD Leonidas

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OH3DP New one on 4m band and qsl card received

Many thanks to OH3DP Hannu for a new one on 4m band
Qsl card received today
Good luck all on 4m band
de SV2DCD Leonidas

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How emetic am i ????

In the last days many of people are reading my post about Baldur DJ6SI.
Until today there are 63 comments on this post from all over the world
The comments written in Greek language are most of them talking about how emetic i am on my post and also how emetic are some of the comments written by anonymous people
They are talking about how can i accept all those bad comments about my country,like i am not Greek i don't love my country and i don't respect my Greek name
My PERSONAL AMATEUR RADIO blog which works from 2007 has only to do with HAM RADIO
All the posts from 2007 are FREE on comments.
I have never ever DELETED any comments on any post from 2007 till today and i WILL NOT do
What was happened to DJ6SI was a great opportunity for some guys to write so many bad words about Greece.
Was those bad words the first or the last on the internet ???
My compatriots where are you living ??? You better wake up !
Every day,every hour,every minute and especcialy in the last 2 years all over the word not only anonymous
but also eponymous people are talking everywhere from the internet to your TV with depreciation about Greece.
Unfortunately my blog became also on of those places on the internet and i am not proud of this
But is this my fault ???
I am a 32 years old guy who is fighting everyday to live in a situation like this in MY country where YOU my old compatriots are responsible for !
I have a small own firm,i work from the morning till the evening,i pay ALL my taxes,because i
love my country,and at the end of the year my country comes back and says
"Please because you love your country you must pay more taxes for those they didn't pay all of these years"
Do you know that my country DISQUALIFIES me to make a family because i can not afford it under all those taxes i pay for you?
All of YOU my compatriots old guys who are 50 years old and up  YOU are responsible for this !!!
So please wake up and think before you write that if YOU where so Greek as you want to say you wouldn't be responsible for ths situation you brought me and your children and your grand children !!!.
YOU have MESSED UP MY COUNTRY my old compatriots.
YOU gave first the opportunity to every people all over the world to speak like this about MY country
YOU are emetic and your children feel the same and your grand children will do the same !!

Who is Greek now ???


P.S This is the first and the last post about politics in my PERSONAL AMATEUR RADIO blog
I am very sorry about that but i had to do it

73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Friday, June 1, 2012

SP6GWB new one on 4m band

Tnx Staszek SP6GWB for a new one on 4m band for me and DXCC # 34 !!
Local time here is 03:15 in the morning and just completed the qso on FSK441 mode
Poland is now qrv on 4m between 70.100 and 70.300
CU all during Esporadic
Good luck with Poland on 70mhz
73 de SV2DCD

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a shame for the Greek authorities!!!! SV5/DJ6SI to the Greek court as a spy !!!

What a shame !!
DJ6SI Baldur was having vacations on the Island of Kos when the Greek authorities thought that he was a spy will he was transmiting from his radio !!!!!!
Look where DJ6SI have been all those years from 1962 till today
70 countries all over the world and only in Greece the "smart " authorities thought that he was a spy ?????
SHAME on the Greek authorities !!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

SV8FOUR New 4m band beacon in KM08HQ

Thanks to Mike SV8GKE a new beacon is on the air in KM08HQ
QRG 70.073.2
Power : 15 watt
Antenna : Dipole

73 de SV2DCD

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solar maximum is coming in 2013

Solar maximum is coming in 2013. How will space weather affect you? To answer that question, experts from around the world are gathering for the Space Weather Enterprise Forum (SWEF) on June 5, 2012, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. To learn more and register, please visit the SWEF web site at

That would be nice !!!
73 de SV2DCD

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The name of her Lydia

Well it was a full weekend the one was past.Full of happy moments with relatives and good friends.
Last sunday my very beautifull niece got baptized.The name she got is Lydia.
The only thing left is to take here amateur radio lisence hihi.
Many lovely relatives and family friends where invited.
Here is a photo from the best of the best family friend ever hihi
George SV2AGW stayed for a couple of days in my house and once again we had the opportunity to talk about ham radio but also about memories from the past and ideas for the future.
It was fun !
SV2AGW @ SV2DCD shack


As for my radio activity this month we had the 9M0L dx pedition.I had Spratly island in my log from past dx pedition many years ago.But only one qso on 20m ssb.
This one was a big opportunity to work the guys as many bands as possible
Well i did it.8 bands (10m,12m,17m,15m,20m,30m,40m,80m)out of 10 bands worked and 13 qso with that one on 10m SSB missing from their online logbook.
I heard the guys on 160m also but they couldn't copy me.
Anyway it was a nice dx pedition and congrats to the operators for the patience.
For my friends working on VHF bands keep in mind that we have great TEP openings on 6m band almost every afternoon and evening
And of course the  E SPORADIC season is coming.And the VHF contesting season.......with many surprises for you ! Stay tuned !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas