Friday, February 20, 2009

Austrian 4 m beacon QRV in summer

Peter OE5MPL have good news about a new 4m beacon
Reports :

I am happy to announce, that we have received a license to operate a beacon on the 4 m band.

We did not get the vanity call OE5FOUR. Instead we got OE5QL. This is no Amateur Radio Call the Austrian PTT said. It is an Experimental Operation Radio Call.

Well, there are some restrictions. Time limit is 1 June and until 31 August 2009. Transmission is only 2 minutes per sequence between 04:00 and 19:47 UTC. Each sequence begins at full hour +00 min., +15 min., +30 min. and +45 min, e.g. 04:00-04:02, 04:15-04:17, 04:30-03:32 and 04:45-04:47. Transmission power is 1 W ERP the first minute of each sequence and 5 W ERP the second minute of each sequence.

If the beacon does not interfere with services outside of Austria, an extension is possible after August 2009 the Austrian PTT said.

Anyway after August 2009 we will try to negotiations for 24/7 duration period for the beacon.

This is just the first step, following the offered directives of our PTT in Vienna.

The beacon frequency is 70,045 MHz, location for the beacon JN78CJ, 860 mASL and the antenna a Half-Wave Vertical with Collins Filter design DK7ZB/OZ2M will be used.

Peter, OE5MPL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EA6SX 4m and FJ5DX 6m qsl cards received

80m λ/4 vertical up again !!

After a long time the vertical for 80m band is up again !
Local amateur radio friends helped me and the antenna is up with nice results.Wkd FW5RE and some other dx with a couple of calls.
The antenna tuned great on cw 1.2vswr and ssb 1.6vswr.
There are almost 100 radials in the ground 20m length each.
The big test for the antenna will be KP5.
Are you ready??
Good luck de SV2DCD Leo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Satellite internet instalation in Gjirokastër,Albania

Yesterday i had the opportunity to travel in Gjirokaster (or Argyrokastro in Greek) Albania for the installation of a satellite system providing broadband connection 1Mbps via HELLASSAT 2 at 39deg east.
It is not possible to have a broadband connection through a local provider in Gjirokaster so this solution was the only way.
The system receives and also transmits through the LNB with a maximum power 0,5w on 12ghz
Two cables are ending in the modem and through an ethernet port you can connect your pc to the internet.
I think that this could be a nice idea for some dx peditions in places that there is no local broadband connection.
More info about the satellite provider at

New satellite meter with spectrum analyzer

This is my new satellite meter with spectrum analyzer for my work TRIMAX SM-2500 made in USA.
I bought it brand new and costed 510 euro.
Some features :
  • Shows strength and quality readings
  • Shows channel picture
  • Shows both S/N and C/N
  • Show numerical reading and bar reading
  • Completely programmable by the user
  • Signal Lock Light
  • Audio tone
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen
  • DiSEqC Control
  • 22KHz Control
  • Indicator Lights for 13/18 volts
  • Indicator lights for 22 KHz
  • Calculates Azimuth and Elevation
  • USB port for software upgrades
  • Global AC power charger included
  • 12VDC power car charger included
  • Carrying case included
  • Neck strap included
  • USB software upgrade cable included

Friday, February 6, 2009

4m ba(n)d news...No authorization for Italian stations this year

IK4PMB reports :

Hi all
Today I read that Italian Ministry of communications didn't renew 4m licence due to opposite judgment from defence ministry.
I don't know if something will change in the future...

Here a copy of the document:

73 de Anto IK4PMB