Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New 4m antenna 9el 10m boom

New antenna for 4m band since 10/6.Is a 9el 10m boom DK7ZB homemade by me and SV2RM.
The antenna is working great.Today had qso via es with G4IGO,G8HVY,G3VYF,G7CNF giving me all 59 report.Also late evening CQ5FOUR/B in band on 70.608 and after some minutes Joe CT1HZE worked with 58 signal giving me report 55.
Here some spots from the dx cluster
12 Jun 2007G4IGO 70200.0 SV2DCD 59 booming io80 1447
12 Jun 2007G0CHE 70200.0 SV2DCD 59/59 fb sigs Leo gl 1544
12 Jun 2007G3VYF 70200.0 SV2DCD JO01FN(ES>KN00QP 5x9 plus vfb!1544
12 Jun 2007F5DQK 70200.0 SV2DCD 59 XB 1657