Monday, October 1, 2012

4m TEP is getting stronger

ZS6JON/B on 70.005Mhz
4m band TEP conditions are getting better and better.This is very promising also for some TEP on 2m band.
Yesterday evening again around 17:15z i was able to work two ZS stations on 70.205 cw and ssb.
ZS6NK Paul answered my CQ call with a report of 529 from KG46RC.After Paul ZS6JON Jon called me with the same report 529 from KG33VV
You can listen both qso's here ZS6NK ZS6JON 4m TEP
Listen to the CW sound.Sounds like aurora.
Here you can listen ZS6NK on SSB ZS6NK SSB 4M TEP.Again TEP distortion
On the image above you can see that distortion on ZS6JON/B 70.005 mhz copied yesterday.The tone of the beacon is more than 1khz wide
As from yesterday 4 ZS station worked total on 70mhz from SV2DCD
Looking for the next one !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

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