Sunday, November 28, 2010


QRG:144.438 Mhz
1799m ASL
ANT:2X7el DK7ZB @ 360 deg + 2x5el F9FT @ 180 deg


Monday, November 22, 2010

Another weekend on the radio

This weekend was almost full dedicated to the radio.
ZL8X was a very good reason to stay in the shack and work them on some bands.
Very nice signal from Kermadec Islands.Until now i worked ZL8X on 40m,30m,20m,15m,and 10m bands.
Another good reason to stay in the shack was my good friend Kostas SV2CXI.
He visited my shack during saturday evening after a long time no seen!
Good luck all with ZL8X and also ZK2A who is also qrv from pacific aerea
73 de SV2DCD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 4 m Meteor Scatter Contest - 4 m MSC



The purpose of the meteor scatter contest is to stimulate the interest in both the 4 m band and meteor scatter random contacts.

Participants : The Four Metres Website hereby invites all radio amateurs to participate in The 4 m Meteor Scatter Contest

Date and time : 11 December 2010, 2000 UTC to 12 December 2010, 2000 UTC
Sections : All stations participate in the same section
Contacts : Only random meteor scatter contacts are valid

The contacts must unconditionally comply with the IARU Region 1 VHF Committee Meteor Scatter procedure with the following additions:

CQ calling may use the following procedure

* CQ SQRG = split and RXing on QRG and keeping TX on existing freq.*,
e.g. CQ S950 OZ2M
* CQ QRG = IARU Region 1 VHF Committee MS Procedure CQ QRG principle,
i.e. both stations QSY*, e.g. CQ 290 OZ2M
* CQ = no QSY,
e.g. CQ OZ2M

*: QRG above 500 means 69,QRG MHz otherwise 70,QRG MHz

The following strings may be utilised by operators using CW or MGM and short messages by operators using SSB to ask for missing information:
Message CW/MGM SSB
Both callsigns missing BBB Both calls
My callsign missing MMM My call
Your callsign missing YYY Your call
Duration and signal strength missing SSS Report
All information complete OOO All info
Faulty keying or unreadable UUU Unreadable

The other operator shall respond by sending only the required information. This approach must be used with great caution to prevent confusion
Modes CW, MGM and SSB
Exchange Callsigns, reports and final RRR must be exchanged
Points Each completed contact counts for the following number of QSO-points:

* MGM: 1 point per contact
* SSB: 2 point per contact
* CW: 3 points per contact

Each station can be worked ones per mode per locator square, e.g. JO65

A prefix multiplier is counted for each new WPX, e.g. CT1, EI2, EI3, G3, GM4, GW8, LA2, OH0, OH5, OZ0, and SV9. Please note that OY/ES7XX count as OY0

Stations changing square may add QSO-points and multipliers for each square

The total points is the total sum of QSO-points times the total sum of the WPX multipliers, e.g. 23 MGM contacts and 15 WPX, 5 SSB contacts and 3 WPX and 1 CW contact and 1 WPX = (23 x 1 + 5 x 2 + 1 x 3) x (15 + 3 + 1) = 36 x 19 = 684 total points
Adjudication Duplicates, erroneous and incomplete contact must be clearly marked in the log and does not count for points or multipliers

The contest manager's adjudication is final
Manager Please send your electronic log no later than 15 December 2400 UTC to Bo Hansen, OZ2M, at Callsign Rudius Net. Only electronic logs are accepted. REG1TEST logs are preferred, however, any plain ASCII/ANSI format will be accepted. If so please include name, locator(s), station description and comments in the email
Comments The timestamp of the QSO is when it has been completed or aborted

The rules of the contest only applies to stations participating in the contest

Announcing own CQ frequency, mode and period is permitted but not where reception takes place

Information about the contacts must in no way be disclosed before the deadline has passed

Monday, November 1, 2010

CQ WW DX SSB Contest.That was fun !!!

The 2010 CQ WW SSB DX Contest is over.As usual i was running on 40m band SINGLE OPERATOR HIGH POWER ASSISTED.My score for this year is much better than last year.I have 1997 qso's 128 DXCC's and 37 zones.Total score 502.260 .I am very disappointed for my DXCC countries worked.They are 5 less than last year.I am also disappointed for not working cq zone 34 which is so easy for me and cq zone 38.I never heard any station from cq zone 34 and i didn't see also any spots from stations in cq zone 34 on 40m band.I saw two spots from cq zone 38 (ZS) but no copy here.Last zone i lost was cq zone 31.During sunday morning KH7CW was fb copy 59 via long path in lot of qrm.I called him several times but no copy me.Very surprised about the stations i worked Sunday morning short path to west coast W6,W7.Great opening !!Thank you all for working SV2DCD during the contest.It was fun once again running the biggest contest of HF contests!
Cu all in the next one !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas