Thursday, September 22, 2011

70mhz TEP qso with ZS6WAB on ISCAT mode

After our last qso on 4m band with ZS6WAB via TEP on march Willem copied also yesterday around 18:00Z on 70.200 ssb calling CQ CQ with rst 44.My 70w output was not enough this time so he did not copied my signal on ssb.We completed ISCAT qso with fb copy -6db.Next time we will try on 2m band.
Good luck all with TEP on VHF

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is over for SV2DCD

Almost one week after my vacations i must say now that it is over....
Lot of work was waiting for me after 8 days vacations in Zakynthos island as always.The foto is taken from cape Keri in the south west part of the island.
This time there was no ham meeting in the island like every year.Anyway i had eyeball qso for a couple of minutes with my friends SV8RV Denis,SV8AXZ Takis and SV8CS Spiros who won the 2011 6m marathon.
Also qso on 70cm local qrg with SV8RX George and SV8YM Tasos
Tasos had once again in his great laboratory my YAESU FT-847 and made a great job on it after a problem caused by continuous PTT

 It is very impressive to know that the final RF transistors are ok after you see this damage !! I must say that the shack was full of smoke after this fire on the filters and the relays.Well done YAESU on the RF transistors hihi
 Now is time for some work on the antenna farm.The CQWW SSB contest is coming.I have to put a 2el delta loop for 80m band and also to repair some of the beverage antennas.Anyone for help ??? hihi

73 de SV2DCD Leo