Friday, February 29, 2008

VP6DX QRT since 27 February 13:59 UTC

VP6DX went QRT on February 27th 2008 on 13:59z.The team is on the way back home.Total qso's made 183.686 is the biggest number of qso's from any other dx pedition in the past !!
CONGRATULATIONS to the team and especcially to our Greek operator SV1JG Cliff.Cliff it must been a great experience right? As for my score in this dx pedition,total qso's are 14.
Many thanks to all of them.Ready now for the next dx pedition TX5C which will take place for March 7 to March 17.Are you?
73 Leo

Friday, February 22, 2008

HA-DX claimed scores list available

The claimed scores list of HA-DX 2008 contest is available on the contest home page at see the list choose the 'Results' section in the navigation bar on the left hand side.
In my category the claimed scores for the 10 first stations are
1. EC2DX 10908 Electronic Log
2. UA1AQA 7344 Electronic Log
3. EA5EH 5584 Electronic Log
4. SV2DCD 5229 Electronic Log
5. RZ3DH 4710 Electronic Log
6. TA0U 4596 Electronic Log
7. RA3DGH 2985 Electronic Log
8. PD1DX 2964 Electronic Log
9. RX9CCJ 2700 Electronic Log
10. SE5S 2184 Electronic Log

Monday, February 11, 2008

VP6DX 2008 Ducie Island Expedition is on the air

The team is on the air.They started this morning from 40m band cw mode on 7.002.Really big signal 59+ here in North West Greece.The work split +25khz and up.I worked them on 7.029.In the team there is also a Greek operator Cliff SV1JG.I wish to him and all the others to have a nice time over there with big pileups and a safe trip back home after the end of the dx pedition.Good luck everyone with this nice DX !!! 73 de Leo SV2DCD

TI9KK DXpedition Cocos Island IOTA NA-012 on the air

TI9KK Dxpedition started yesterday around 03:00 z.The problem with the license solved and the guys are active some days later than expected.Good luck with this dx

Saturday, February 2, 2008

XR7A Ascension Is. SA-043 Dxpedition

A team of CE6TBN, HA1AG, RA0FU & RV1CC are active from Ascension Island SA-043 in Chile as XR7A.Wkd this morning on 40m cw 7.012,7 qsx 1up.Signal was weak and coming better from 300 deg.Good luck with this dx

Friday, February 1, 2008

Great signals on 40m band this morning

This morning had very nice qso's on 40m band with great signals from pacific ocean.
On 7.008 E51WWA wkd up1 599
On 7.003 VP6PR was 59+5db
On 7.002 KH7XS was 529
On 7.080 nice surprise from the VP6DX crew.WA6CDR/MM wkd 59 signal very good copy from the M/V Braveheart.
Latest news from VP6DX :
"News #9 - 2008, January 31st2008 Ducie Island Expedition: VP6DX (for immediate release)Highlights: ... The M/V Braveheart continues across the Pacific, on schedule ... ... Good European signals heard on 160m during the crossing ... ... Operators preparing to leave home ... ... Today's background information: geographical balance.News: Robin WA6CDR reports from the M/V Braveheart that, as a result of the typhoon that passed through the area, seas were somewhat rough immediately after departure from New Zealand. The ship slowed down to 5-7 knots, but in the last few days sea conditions have improved dramatically. The weather has become mild, traveling over calm seas with a small long swell. Robin has been working on cables and other pre-assembly tasks that can be completed on board ship before the expedition reaches Ducie Island. For relaxing, an Elecraft K3 radio, amplifier and tuner hasbeen attached to a wire antenna strung over the ship from bow to stern. With 500 W power output, Robin has been enjoying good low band propagation. During the WW 160 CW contest last weekend many top band signal from Europe went into the log. Robin also reports the Braveheart crew is "superb", and the operators will have to be very disciplined to avoid putting on weight from all the good food! As of early Jan 30 Wed (GMT) the M/V Braveheart was at 28° S 145° E, about 1000 km SSE of Tahiti. This ship is on schedule, planning to arrive at Mangareva Atoll this coming Saturday/Sunday. The remaining 12 operators will be leaving their home countries during the next three days, converging on the Sofitel Hotel in Papeete, Tahiti, capital city of French Polynesia on Feb 3 Sun-Feb 4 Mon. On Feb5 Tue 1500z the operators depart Tahiti for Mangareva. Once at Mangareva, the operators will immediately board the ship, clear immigration/customs, and depart. During the passage to Ducie Island, the M/V Braveheart will make a midnight call at Pitcairn Island to drop off medical supplies. Longboats from Pitcairn will come along side in the dark to take thedelivery to shore, and the ship will depart immediately thereafter. This stop will not delay the schedule for Ducie Island: we will still arrive at Ducie in the pre-dawn darkness of Feb 9 Sat (weather permitting)."