Thursday, June 28, 2012

SZ2RCK qrv during the Aegean VHF Contest and July field day contests

A five member team from Radio club of Kastoria,Western Macedonia,GREECE
SV2RM,SV2DCD,SV2ESV,SV2MCH and SV2NRU will be qrv from Mnt.Grammos KN00LI 1800m asl during the Aegean Vhf Contest and the July field day contests from 7 July to 8 July 2012
We will be qrv on 6m,4m,2m,70cm and 23cm
Our equipment is

6m: 5el F9FT,100W,FT2000,ICOM 706
4m: 5el DK7ZB+preamp,70w,FT847
2m: 16el F9FT+2x5el F9FT,200W,FT847
70cm: 4x19el longboom DK7ZB+preamp,50w,TS2000X
23cm: 1,2m dish,10w,TS2000X

All stations will be @ ON4KST chat rooms online via wifi connection for any sked

For those who like sked via email
email is
and sms +306972858742

73 and good luck in the contest
de SV2DCD Leonidas

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OH3DP New one on 4m band and qsl card received

Many thanks to OH3DP Hannu for a new one on 4m band
Qsl card received today
Good luck all on 4m band
de SV2DCD Leonidas

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How emetic am i ????

In the last days many of people are reading my post about Baldur DJ6SI.
Until today there are 63 comments on this post from all over the world
The comments written in Greek language are most of them talking about how emetic i am on my post and also how emetic are some of the comments written by anonymous people
They are talking about how can i accept all those bad comments about my country,like i am not Greek i don't love my country and i don't respect my Greek name
My PERSONAL AMATEUR RADIO blog which works from 2007 has only to do with HAM RADIO
All the posts from 2007 are FREE on comments.
I have never ever DELETED any comments on any post from 2007 till today and i WILL NOT do
What was happened to DJ6SI was a great opportunity for some guys to write so many bad words about Greece.
Was those bad words the first or the last on the internet ???
My compatriots where are you living ??? You better wake up !
Every day,every hour,every minute and especcialy in the last 2 years all over the word not only anonymous
but also eponymous people are talking everywhere from the internet to your TV with depreciation about Greece.
Unfortunately my blog became also on of those places on the internet and i am not proud of this
But is this my fault ???
I am a 32 years old guy who is fighting everyday to live in a situation like this in MY country where YOU my old compatriots are responsible for !
I have a small own firm,i work from the morning till the evening,i pay ALL my taxes,because i
love my country,and at the end of the year my country comes back and says
"Please because you love your country you must pay more taxes for those they didn't pay all of these years"
Do you know that my country DISQUALIFIES me to make a family because i can not afford it under all those taxes i pay for you?
All of YOU my compatriots old guys who are 50 years old and up  YOU are responsible for this !!!
So please wake up and think before you write that if YOU where so Greek as you want to say you wouldn't be responsible for ths situation you brought me and your children and your grand children !!!.
YOU have MESSED UP MY COUNTRY my old compatriots.
YOU gave first the opportunity to every people all over the world to speak like this about MY country
YOU are emetic and your children feel the same and your grand children will do the same !!

Who is Greek now ???


P.S This is the first and the last post about politics in my PERSONAL AMATEUR RADIO blog
I am very sorry about that but i had to do it

73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Friday, June 1, 2012

SP6GWB new one on 4m band

Tnx Staszek SP6GWB for a new one on 4m band for me and DXCC # 34 !!
Local time here is 03:15 in the morning and just completed the qso on FSK441 mode
Poland is now qrv on 4m between 70.100 and 70.300
CU all during Esporadic
Good luck with Poland on 70mhz
73 de SV2DCD