Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I love LOTW !!

Could you imagine this some years ago  ????
QSOs made yesterday confirmed the day after !!!
I love LOTW !!!!!!! 
Many many thanks to SV1ENM George for the help on LOTW !! George you are great !!

SV2DCD @ Russian DX Contest 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some DX after long time

TX5K Clipperton Island dxpedition is ending soon
This dxpedition gave me the opportunity to visit my shack again after long time and work the guys on the bands.
My work and some trips outside of the country keeped me away from the radio
Anyway it was great to work Clipperton again (had FO0AAA and TX5C) but especcialy on topband which i needed here.Their signal on 160m was amazing and not only the signal but also their ears.
I worked them 1st call on 160m!! I wonder what is their antenna for this band.Congratulations guys.I wish you safe trip back home
p.s DXA is a great tool !!!

About VHF as you can see above the TEP conditions on 6m band are coming back again.
ZS beacons and stations coming weakly and day by day the signals are improving
Yesterday i had copy of ZS6YA on 50.110 cw 529 with big distortion.
My 4m rig is always on 70.200 and monitoring for any TEP there.
I wish this TEP season will be better that the last one
Wish you luck
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas