Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a shame for the Greek authorities!!!! SV5/DJ6SI to the Greek court as a spy !!!

What a shame !!
DJ6SI Baldur was having vacations on the Island of Kos when the Greek authorities thought that he was a spy will he was transmiting from his radio !!!!!!
Look where DJ6SI have been all those years from 1962 till today
70 countries all over the world and only in Greece the "smart " authorities thought that he was a spy ?????
SHAME on the Greek authorities !!


SV1EML said...


takis perreas said...

Dear Leo, DJ6SI's actions is a shame and not the Greek one.
He was drunk, he tried to destroy his rigs, he attempted to commit suicide whith his belt in presence of the Police.
Not a ordinary radioamateur behaviour, I presume!
National Intelingence is also involved on this incidence and that adds an extra weight to the case.

So dont take sides.
Just stay back and "enjoy the ride".

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was trying to find out where all these billions of euros of taxpayers money are disappearing!

Anonymous said...

could anyone translate the video? its all greek to me (the german part too unfortunately :)

Anonymous said...

Could anybody provide some more information about this?

Anonymous said...


Is there a source online of this info?

Siggi DK2YL said...

What was the reason for this problems?
Very, very unfortunate incident for all of these hams who want to visit Greece with amateur radio

takis perreas said...

Hi there anonymous!
The only info I have is the two following links. In Greek I am afraid!

Anonymous said...

These greek authorities are a shame ... as well as the comment by SV3AUW.

Indeed DJ6SI is an extraordinary HAM and I can not see the "Greek National Intelligence" :-)

Vy 73

takis perreas said...


You do not want a personal argument with me.
Trust me!

Anonymous said...

SV3AUW is probably one of the officials who arrested DJ6SI...

Thomas DL3YDN/SV0XAJ said...

This is the way to destroy any confidence. We felt safe in Greece the last Years and enjoyed to be amongst greek friends and also amateurs. Strange things seem to happen here now.

Anonymous said...

another good reason NOT to travel to Greece

Anonymous said...

Last year I operated also from Kos as SV5/DJ4MH, but when I read this, I won't have my holiday in greece another time !

Anonymous said...

was on kos from 29 april till 5 may , made almost 300 qso's sv5/pa3gan/qrp, if i tell this to my yl i never can bring my radio with me on holiday anymore.
hope DJ6SI will get free soon.
strangs story

Anonymous said...

A drunk German in Greece ? there we go. as soon alcohol is involved it doesn't make sence anymore to think about the german quality.
hopefully that old man gets outta there asap.
make pile up's but hick up's! 73's

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Baldur can walk free if Germany will just come forward with a few more $B Euros. :*)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Wait till OH2BH buys a few of these islands *** and builts his ownn DXCC entities ... till then ... stay away!

*** EU taxpayers get a 90% discount for the € already drownded in greece.

Anonymous said...

How absurd and ridiculous - what idiots! And the comments by SV3AUW are disgusting - not a true radio amateur.

Maybe in retaliation the German authorities should arrest the next Greek minister who goes there begging for €BBB for the next bailout? - on charges of corruption and extortion!!!

Anonymous said...

someone knows he is free now?

GL 73

Anonymous said...

That's plane spotting and amateur radio problematic in Greece. Both my hobbies - doh!

takis perreas said...


...arrest the next Greek minister...

And then what?
Hang Drawn and Quartered???

@ anonymous.
try not to bite your tongue.
you might get poisoned and there is a short supply of antidote for all of you

Anonymous said...

sv3auw said...
Dear Leo, DJ6SI's actions is a shame and not the Greek one.
Shame on Germany for crisis Greece,
... All is politic !!!
73 Ham Radio Italy

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am not as nice as some others here. I apologize upfront!!!!

But …. the Greece authorities who did this!!!!

And …. the European ministers for giving any Euro to Greece!!

And …. those people in Greece who are responsible for not paying TAX making the people in the street suffer. And the corrupted government people, who are making this possible. Those are the one’s who should be arrested!

IZ5CML said...

Any news ?

Anonymous said...

DJ6SI was prevoiuely an intelligence officer for the German foreign Intelligence service.

Anonymous said...

Δεν αφήνεις καλύτερα τα καουμποϊλίκια για κάποιον άλλο? Δεν είναι και για την ηλικία σου άλλωστε!
Εξάλλου, όλη η μαλακία ξεκίνησε από τους δικούς μας. Το "πίστευε και μη ερεύνα" που κάποιοι εξακολουθούν να εφαρμόζουν σ'αυτήν την κωλοχώρα που ζούμε, μας έφερε στη σημερινή κατάσταση. Και τώρα ζητάς και τα ρέστα? Κάτσε στην άκρη όσο είναι νωρίς, γιατί το θέμα ήδη πήρε μεγάλες διαστάσεις και θα την πληρώσουν όλοι οι "μπαγλαμάδες" πολύ σύντομα. Δυστυχώς για όλους μας εδώ, ο Baldur το έχει πάρει προσωπικά και δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που θα την πληρώσει η Ελληνική Ραδιοερασιτεχνική Κοινότητα για χάρη του. Κι ελπίζω να την πληρώσουμε μόνο εμείς...Άντε γεια !!

takis perreas said...

Ονοματεπώνυμο ή call-sign έχεις?

Anonymous said...

DJ6SI - A German foreign intelligence officer using "ham radio" operator as a cover ?

Anonymous said...

Yes,according to photo he looks too young to be spy.Is he using walking stick to go around?
This must be revenge to Germany to not send ship load of Euros to Athens.

Anonymous said...

Welcome in Croatia!
There is no problem like this one!
1000 islands are waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,no more greece for me

Anonymous said...

Its wurst than an Afrikan country,there they dont know,but Greece?? now wonder they not belong to Europa

Anonymous said...

Stop! Misunderstandings and faults happen anytime on this planet.
Last year I was on Rhodes Island with my 6 year old daughter and my pregnant wife. I had my 100w-station with me and hotel allowed ever antenna I wanted. We had lots of fun and interesting discussions with local SV5-operators. The Rhodians are VERY NICE and EASY-GOING people, relly the kind of people I like. They showed us not only their club station, but also guided us through the islands.
Overall: We had a great holiday, with some 1500 QSOs from hotel and extremely positive impressions of Rhodian people and radio amateurs.
I will return to SV5 next year...with my radio.
73 de Bernhard DJ5MN (ex SV5/DJ5MN and some 30 other ex-calls in the past 23 years)
73 de DJ5MN

Anonymous said...

What a shame... Amateur Radio Operators need to avoid or boycott going to Greece. What was he transmitting? What secrets are there in Greece? How to have a failed economy, how to live in complete excess, or how about how to bring down the EU from the failure of the Euro due to Greek money mis-management.

Anonymous said...

What a shame.. Why are you wasting your talent in Ham Radio and you don't start a bright career in politics or in financial sciences?

Haven't you been tired of leaving these same silly no-sense trolling comments over and over anonymously?
Have you seen the announcement of RAAG as of the issue?
Have you seen what Baldur himself wrote to RAAG, thanking RAAG for the support they provided?
Haven't you seen the above comment of DJ5MN describing his own experience operating and enjoying his holiday at SV5?

But you can keep it up. You're the same airhead dumbass like the policeman in Kos island.

Stupidity is universal.

OK4RM said...


I am afraid CEPT agreement seems to be the first victim of the experiment to create the second Soviet Union (Soviet = Council in Russian) in Western Europe.

We will see more of this in the coming months, I am afraid.

Greek people will always be welcome to visit us, but after this incident I am definitely not going to take the risk and visit Greece any more.

73 de Jindra, OK4RM

Anonymous said...

Greece does NOT want to piss Germany off! That could be VERY bad. By the way, is it TRUE that NINO, the Italian IDIOT is actually a Greek??? Heh Heh

Anonymous said...

To Last Anonymous:

Actually, it works the other way around. If Greece decides to take action, Eurozone will finally be composed solely by Germany, so you dumb-asses will be giving orders only to yourselves. You have very little time left for that, to be honest. And as far as Nino the idiot is concerned, it sounds on air like he has been educated the German way.

Kisses !!!

Anonymous said...

I could only throw up when you read all these comments

from adult human, it's incredible.

YO4PX said...

The story is now covered on my website too. I am sure the Romanian hams will keep their fingers crossed for Baldur, the great DXpeditioner who made so many hams happy over the years with his tremendous activity on the amateur radio bands.
Google Translation is available on the main page.

SV5BYR said...

Update and some answers for this sad story on my blog:

PS. "Congrats" to all foreign hams for their "love" to Greece. May we have economical problems but we still dignified.

Uli, DJ9XB said...

I just came from Crete, and I had about 500 rtty-qso's in 11 days: no problem!

Since 1997 I came every to Greece, most to Crete, but also to Haldikiki, Samos and Karpatos for hamradio activities. No problems at all.

I applied for a special amateur radio licence for the “CQ WW RTTY DX Contest” in September: J49XB / J45XB: also no problems - and no charge !!!

And I fly also in September for the contest, and I have on fear for police or EURO-crisis !


Uli, DJ9XB

Anonymous said...

Please guys, read ALL the information about this incident before taking your cheap shots at the Greek. SV3AUW provided sources for his allegations: click on them and use Google Translate. It isn't so hard.

DJ6SI may be a well known dxpeditioner, but apparently alcohol got the better of him and turned him into a drunken maniac. I do not think that deserves the blind support some of you are giving him.

Good guys make mistakes too, and some may even turn bad. Who knows, he might not have gotten himself arrested at all, if he had behaved normally, instead of exploding in a drunken rage.

OTOH, that story MIGHT have been added to cover up a false arrest police blunder. How are we to know?

takis perreas said...

Thank you for supporting my country!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me on similar case with plane spotters 11 years ago.They have been sentenced to few years in jail just for taking photos of planes.Who is the next,maybe ship spotters?
We would be better off and stay away from there.You will see when season of strikes take place this summer,like every year.So how to get back home?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Baldur gets drunk of an half liter of wine...ok.
But what about the greek guys, who arrests him?
They must be very afraid of an old man and his Alzheimer-sick wife, to treath them in such way and judge him with an law of 1927.
Do somebody of the uncountable goverment workers (some say that the rate is 15 percent of the whole greek working people) knows anything about european law or law at all.
No wonder, they loose control of their national budget...
I feel sorry for all greek or foreign hams...
we all pay the price of this ignorance...

Anonymous said...

Did'nt they just elect a communist government? Maybe they confused him with IT9RYH...?

WC6L said...

Shame on you Greek authorities, he is a citizen of Germany, one of the countries that are saving your ass. I have plans to visit Europe soon but your country has been erased from my list. Hams do not visit Greek!

Anonymous said...


We do not want visitors with your beliefs here, in the first place!
As far as who's saving who's ass, just wait a few months and you'll reconsider. Germany will end up giving orders solely to itself. And FYI, EU speculators had a well organized plan to get Greece in the EU and the Euro, back in the 90s. We were just fine with our own independent currency, which I hope we'll have back shortly. If you feel you're also going to be dragged drunk to the local police station during your stay in Greece, because you tried to commit suicide and tried to destroy your ham gear, then please don't bring ANY ham gear with you. At least you won't shame yourself and the ham community, like Baldur did. Also, try to search the past of Baldur's radio activities just to come upon all the troubles he has gotten into.
Think before you talk next time.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right mate,remember that case with planespotters ages ago but also another one with ship's crew accussed for something what they did not do.Master jailed, chief officers too than found not guily after spending more than year in prison.

Anonymous said...

Why screw up this story that most of you do not know the right details of ! Let's stay friends with the greek hams and keep politics out of hamradio !

Anonymous said...

Mr. Drobica not have a good reputation -,5924612

73 9A7PJT

N7YA said...

Greece is having its financial troubles, but so is the USA, i have no room to talk on that matter. Baldur has given me some new ones over the years and i thank him for it, we also dont really know what happened between them. I refuse to judge the entire country of Greece and its fine people for this one incident, nor will i make judgement on their politics since, like us here, politics and people rarely play out equally. I still hope to visit Greece and its islands, and i plan to bring a radio. Maybe when things settle down a bit, i would love to see your homeland!

Anonymous said...

Some one said :
I say “once a spy = always a spy”

Anonymous said...

Greece might have been the cradle of democracy... but have turned into a state completely without respect for international laws.

Stupidity, disrespect and arrogance symbolizes the behavior of representatives of the country that once was so proud for adding human values to the fundament of the country.

Shame on you Greece!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Thanks for bringing this conversation to a level thanks to your felicitous comments that are absolutely related to Baldur's case.

I assume that you are coming from a country totally respectful to the international laws, without sucking the wealth of third-world countries.

Having said that, once more, shame on us.

I wonder if someone else sould feel ashamed as well, for throwing mud against Greeks with the excuse of Baldur's unfair arrest or if we should start a conversation about Baldur's past operations in Greece which were rather dark.

Despite that, he has the support of the greek ham community.
You'd better appreciate that.

takis perreas said...

Θα ήθελα να ήξερα, για πόσο καιρό ακόμα θα ανέχεσαι τον κάθε ανώνυμο να ξερνά τον εμετό του και την χολή του για την Ελλάδα?
Τι αισθάνεσαι όταν διαβάζεις τα σχόλια?
Ένα τσίμπημα στην καρδιά δεν το νοιώθεις?
Μία έπαρση επειδή έχεις το όνομα του αρχαίου Βασιλιά της Σπάρτης, τίποτα?
Φρόντισε να μην σου μείνει κουσούρι κι από "λεωνίδας" γίνεις "εφιάλτης"!
Φιλικά στο λέω!

takis perreas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny T. said...

Hey everyone. Lets quit bickering over the debt crisis in Greece and blaming Germany. This issue is about Ham Radio. Internationa law is law. DJ6SI is a licenced operator from a CEPT participating country operating in a CEPT country. Fact most police in Greece have only a High School education and are given very little LE training in their Acadamies, yet they are supposed to enforce ALL the laws of Greece, Laws they have no knowledge of.
If I were to do a similar apprehention in the USA I would be run over the hot coals and skinned alive. The few bad apples of ΕΛ AΣ have ruined the name of all LE in Greece.
As for the accusations posted by greek police it is a case of CYA big time, they really screwed up.
This should be turned over to the EU courts, doubt they will find any issues of espionage here, just ignorance. May the RF Gods strike down the Greek police's 2-way communications system( what little there is of it)

Anonymous said...

Εμετικός και κατάπτιστος

Anonymous said...

SV2DCD, τα σχόλιά σου και το ύφος, μόνο εμετικά θα μπορούσα να τα χαρακτηρίσω.

Anonymous said...

Shame for greek

Heinz, DO3MY

takis perreas said...


Anonymous said...

Incredible Story !!!
Is this the European Union ???

ct01163 SWL


Anonymous said...

Ελπιζω να σε δω στο χαμφεστ ρε παλιοπουστα Περρέα και να σου ριξω 2-3 μάπες. Εμαθα θα ρθεις...

takis perreas said...

Είσαι τόσο νταής για να μου ρίξεις 2-3 μάπες αλλά είσαι τόσο χέστης για να το γράψεις επώνυμα.
Τράβα ρε στην μάνα σου μην προλάβει και πάει κάποιος άλλος.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is an additional reason not to visit Greece with Ham Radio unless things have normalized. What a pity!!

Anonymous said...

We should bring AIS receivers over instead of rigs unless being suspected as well?

Anonymous said...

unbelievable. no further comment.

Anonymous said...

Some people write without know anything of this story, what a shame. Those who said; I will never go to Greece are manipulated persons, I saw that is very easy to manipulate things and peoples :-( Did you read about the oters HAMS who wrote about their radio holidays? Don´t be so simple please

Those who blame on the greeks are idiots, very idiots, maybe they think that their situation is because of them, don´t be idiots, separate the population than the politics, is not so dificult.

By the way, people who don´t know about baldur, please read more and understand WHO IS Mr. Baldur.


Anonymous said...

The germans have supported greece with so much money now, that every german citizen could go to a greek restaurant about 20 times for free... any news on the TV we can see a hate race against germans in greece.

Hey poeple in greece: Mrs Merkel did not run your country into debts, neither did any german. How can a so-called "european country" treat citizens of other european countries this way?

Anonymous said...

For the last anonymous comment:

The money Germany owes Greece since WW2 for war reimbursements are way much more than you can ever count and way much more than Germany has already lent Greece. When the crucial moment comes, Greece will win the international trial about this subject and will DEMAND Germany to pay back with interest, to the last penny. Until then, looks like WE Greeks can visit for free all German restaurants, beer-houses and trotteries. In contrast to your sayings, it is the effects of the World War Germany started, that led many countries to poverty and necessarily to borrowing money from others. So, again, think well before you write something so stupid, and last but not least, I return to you your exact question about Mrs. Merkel's Germany: "How can a so-called "european country" treat citizens of other european countries this way?"


Anonymous said...

Ja, ja, jawohl natuerlich!!

Germany destroyed whole Europe twice so far within less than 100 years and now we are experiencing the third time.

And there you have anonymous german trolls that demand to eat for free at greek restaurants.

Don't feel ashamed of your nazi parents and grandparents. It's not your fault, I'm sure about that. What is worrying is that instead of learning from your parents' faults, you keep them up.

By the way, you forgot to raise your hand up high to greet appropriately. Don't feel shame for your inner feelings.

DL1CB Chris said...

Dear Hams,
Lets please keep the dignity and courtesy that we have for each other both on the air and off the air.
73's DL1CB

Anonymous said...

Wow I cant believe they arrested an amateur radio operator for operating his radio.

VK2FH said...

It appears Greeks to their credit are a very proud race of people.. so proud to the point of stupidity, arrogance and ignorance in this case unfortunately. Let's hope they fix it soon, Greece is a most beautiful holiday destination and stories like this can only hurt tourism and further hurt the Greek economy at a time when they least need these problems. I don't think Greece fully understands the impact on the global economy Greece is causing.

73 de VK2FH

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter VK2FH,

thank you for your wonderful comments. Please congratulate your parents. I will respond not only to your clever comments but also by adding few details as of the issue of Baldur. So..

By naming a whole nation stupid, arrogant and ignorant and by adding the "73" in the buttom you show the level of your mental and social competence.

If media convinced you that Greeks are all the above plus lazy, thieves -don't know what else, you name it- you have your average Joe's duty done: to be painfully brainwashed by the media.
Meanwhile people, like me and you, hate each other, fight with each other while the big bosses and the banks make golden business. This is nothing new, it has been happening throughout the history.

Of course out of all this crisis, that you believe that a tiny country like Greece caused it, people around Europe are getting poorer, healthy businesses shut down, people commit suicides while the average German sees his wallet getting thicker (and blaming ontop everyone like thief, lazy, etc)

It's also strange to see an Aussie blaming a whole nation as "ignorant". As far as I'm concerned, you invaded and colonized a whole continent and you are living on the expense of the indigenous people who are living a much poorer life than yours dear Peter that you have the luxury to wander around the blogs and preach about politics and financial issues. Neat.

Last but not at least, despite the fact that Baldur has illegally transmitted from Athos, despite the fact that he has been arrested in Greece many years ago because he was AGAIN transmitting illegally from SV5, despite the fact that he has been QRV from Northern Cyprus which is against ITU regulations, RAAG and the greek ham community have wholeheartedly supported him for his unfair arrest, DESPITE the fact that during his arrest he was drunk and behaving no-sense.

Having said that, and after reading DJ5MN's and DJ9XB's comments above, you can see how german people lived up the genuine greek hospitality which is part of our culture.

Uneducated policemen that who are chasing people for violating the speed limits for donkeys, exist everywhere, I'm sure they also exist in VK as well.

However, you couldn't resist leaving silly and offensive comments which show the quality of your personality.

Once more, congratulations mate.

Anonymous said...

How did the Greek authorities find out about the transmitter.?
I thought official radio monitoring was a thing from the past.

Anonymous said...

DL1CB Chris said...
Dear Hams,
Lets please keep the dignity and courtesy that we have for each other both on the air and off the air.

I Agree, what else would be the point being a HAM operator.Greetings to all of you, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous @June 9, 2012 5:57 PM, have you ever heard of IARU Monitoring System ?

I assume not. Unless you believe that IARU is an organization that's stuck to the past.
Very good morning.

Anonymous said...


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Γιά "αγανακτισμένος" δεν ξέρω αλλά, είσαι μεγάλος μαλάκας.
Πολύ μεγάλος μαλάκας!!!

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Anonymous said...

Liebe Freunde
Die ganze Geschichte ist unerfreulich. Was ich aber nicht verstehe, dass ihr jetzt auf die Griechen losgeht und sie so schlecht hinstellt.
Dieses Verhalten genau so unakzeptabel!

Wir sollten uns fragen, wie wir solche Situationen in der Zukunft verhindern können. Wir sollten unser Network benutzen um an den richtigen Stellen Einfluss zu nehmen. In der Geschichte des Amateurfunkes haben wir schon viel erreicht.

Politikfrust hat hier nichts verloren!

HAMSPIRIT hilf uns weiter !

Also liebe Freund, gehen wir es an!


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