Monday, March 31, 2008

New CQ WW WPX SSB world record in M/S HP category from 5D5A

My good friends IK2QEI Stefano and IK2GSC Matteo made it ! They hold a new world record for CQ WW WPX SSB CONTEST in category M/S HP.

Here is the score

Call: 5D5A

Operator(s): IK2SGC - IK2QEI

Station: CN3A

Class: M/S HP

QTH: Safi, Morocco

Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band QSOs


160: 17

80: 1007

40: 1016

20: 2043

15: 2441

10: 13


Total: 6537 Prefixes = 1370 Total Score = 35,102,025

Congratulations guys !

Have to say that the contest site belongs to Stefano, IK2QEI – Matteo, IK2SGC – and Spiros, SV8CS all good friends and great contest operators ! I had the opportunity to run some contests with this team (SY8A)

I wish to the team more new records also to other contests and categories!

Interactive VHF-UHF-SHF-EHF beacon list

A very nice "interactive" beacon list is working at
You can enter a new report for a beacon or you can update an old entry.
A great tool this time of year where Tropo and Sporadic E propagation will show up

Saturday, March 29, 2008

J42T @ CQ WW WPX Live web camera

You can see live the J42T team from Thessaloniki North West Greece running the CQ WW WPX contest from Vaggelis SV2BFN qth in Perea.
There are two live cameras in the shack.
The links are

Friday, March 28, 2008


I will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB CONTEST category SOAB HP.Pse give a call if you hear me.Also good luck to anyone of you who will participate in the contest.CU

73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

Friday, March 21, 2008


I just called SV8CYR on his mobile phone to see why the SX5AI is not on the air yet.Told me that due to bad weather the team could not aproach the small island.So the dx pedition is CANCELLED.More news tomorrow.
73 all de SV2DCD

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ACOM 1000 on 4m band

Check this web site from Uffe PA5DD for more info.
You can see how can you have EME power on 4m band !

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SV2C Repeater antenna broken

This is the antenna of SV2C voice repeater 145.662,5 Mhz located at Mnt Bitsi locator KN00QP 2.130m asl in NW Greece after the winter.The photos were taken today morning when the team of SV2ESV,SV2MCL,SW2NRU went to the place to check the problem.
The antenna system is going to be replaced with a new one during the next month.

More OIRT QRM expected during next Es season on 4m band

PA5DD Uffe reports :

"Apparently OIRT broadcast has started in the Netherlands

Overzicht 4,5Meter stations. (10)

Freq. Station Lokatie Provincie

64.50 Twinscroll WesterkwartierGroningen

64.50 Kompas Slochteren Groningen

65.00 Noname Utrecht Utrecht

65.00 Atletico Roosendaal Noord-Brabant

65.40 Felix Leiden Zuid-Holland

65.50 Gtek Leiden Zuid-Holland

66.20 Sigma FM Dordrecht Zuid-Holland

66.30 DX-500 Oosterhout Noord-Brabant

66.30 Cosmos Den Bosch Noord-Brabant

66.60Power FM Waalwijk Noord-Brabant

EXPERT 1K-FA 1 KW Solid State Fully Automatic Linear Amplifier

I own this amplifier since October 2007 and i wanted to write down a small review about it.
After 6 months of use and a couple of contests i must say that i am very satisfied.
With the CAT cable connected to the transceiver you don't need to do nothing in the linear.Everything goes automatic!This is a great deal especcialy during the contests.There is also a PC software to remote the linear from the PC.The amplifier has 4 inputs for antennas and 2 inputs for radios.The output power is as expected with low input power about 20-30 Watts.
No RFI problems in the shack at all.You can go down to HALF output power by pressing one key.The amplifier is really easy to programm.The display is big and readable.
As for the protection circuits also work excellent.The weight is only 20kg and the company gives you also a carrying bag for dxpeditions and contests !
My final conclusion is that this amplifier is worth every spent Euro!
73 de SV2DCD Leo

Monday, March 17, 2008


These are the results from my participation at RUSSIAN DX CONTEST the past weekend:

Russian DX Contest
Call: SV2DCD
Operator(s): SV2DCD
Station: SV2DCD
Class: SO SSB HP
QTH: Kastoria
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Band CW Qs Ph Qs Countries Oblasts
160: 0 0 0
80: 214 38 35
40: 444 53 56
20: 646 53 68
15: 28 14 9
10: 0 0 0
Total: 0 1332 158 168 Total Score = 2,741,334

Friday, March 14, 2008

SX5C Stroggylh Island DXpedition IOTA: EU-001 - GIOTA DKS 001

SV1HER reports :

The following Greek Ham radio operators SV1JG Cliff, SV1RC Spiros, SV1RP George, SV1EEX Nikiforos, SV1GRM Theodoro, SV1HER Sotiris & SV1JCZ Daniel will be active the small island Stroggylh(IOTA: EU-001, GREEK IOTA: DKS 001) an also the lighthouse of the island named "Ypshlh": WLOTA: L-0237, ARLHS: GRE-053.

Grid square: KM46tc

Date:25 July - 04 Augoust 2008.


QSL manager: SV1HER

Thursday, March 13, 2008


SV8CYV reports

"SV8CYR Alexandros, SV8CYV Vassilis, SV5CJQ Vagelis all members of Aegean DX group will operate 21 to 26 March, as SX5AI from AGATHONISI island (SV5 land DODEKANISHOS IOTA EU 001)GIOTA DKS 063 for the Greek Islands On The Air award programme. ( further information at www.5-9report. gr ).Activity is planned on 20,40,80m SSB & DIGI modes mainly on IOTA frequencies.If the propagation help us will be QRV on 10&6m SSB.It is not necessary for QSL cards to be sent. All contacts will be QSL'd via the bureau or direct in response to direct request.QSL manager SV8CYV.See you in the pile up !!! "

73s de SV8CYV

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

J5FOUR New 4m band beacon from Guinea-Bissau

Great news for the 4m band operators.
Tony CT1FFU reports :
"After some delay the J5FOUR beacon is finaly runnig from today 10-3-2008.It is a Storno rig with 20W carrier on a 4 element yagi especialy designed by YU7EF for this project.
The yagi is beaming 20º, QTF to cover all Europe.
On the next Es season we will tnx reports from all. There is no station QRV in guiné-bissau, but this beacon will be a good tool for propagation estudies. Tnx to CT1BTP for the beacon TXr, CT1FJO for the Keyr, YU7EF for Antenna and J5JUA for beacon assembly and keapings. as soon as J5JUA return to CT, J5FOUR pictures will pe publish on this site"

Info about J5FOUR beacon :
QRG:70.010 CW

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5J0E New one San Andres Island DXpedition IOTA NA-033

Last day today for the 5J0E San Andres Island DXPedition.The 6 member team (WF5W, W5PF, K5WAF, NM5G, W5PR and N4AL ) where on the island from 28 of February to participate in the ARRL International DX SSB Contest.The team was using two separate stations with beam and vertical antennas.After the contest they spotted on 10m,17m,20m,40m.I worked them on 20m cw and 40m cw.This dxcc was a new one for me.QSL is via W5PF.Logs will be uploaded to the ARRL LoTW and there will be an online Log Search page at
As for TX5C team is about 50 n.miles away from the island and their plan is to be active in 2 days.Good luck to all de SV2DCD Leo

Saturday, March 1, 2008

OK1DO new one on 4m band and 1st ever qso SV-OK on this band

This morning i completed ms qso on 4m band (70.230 Mhz) mode JT6M with Jiri OK1DO.It was a new one for me on this band and 1st ever qso between SV and OK on 4m.OK stations are permitted to transmit on 70 MHz. The licensing conditions are: 70,2-70,3 MHz, 10 W ERP and the temporary licenses are valid until 2008-12-31.Tnx Jiri for this qso.Good luck to any 4m operator who will try.73