Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OH3DP New one on 4m band and qsl card received

Many thanks to OH3DP Hannu for a new one on 4m band
Qsl card received today
Good luck all on 4m band
de SV2DCD Leonidas


Efstathios Maliakis, SV5DKL said...

Congrats, Leo!! 1st SV 4m DXCC is close ...

Leo Fiskas said...

Thanks Stathis.First we need 100 active countries on 4m band hihi.Then we will see!In my opinion 4m band is the new 6m band.Why don't you try it ???

Efstathios Maliakis, SV5DKL said...

I still haven't started seriously on 6m !!! But, anyway, I need a transverter for 4m ... Maybe in the future.