Thursday, August 7, 2014


Saturday, 6 September, Montichiari (BS) at the Garda Exhibition Centre, there will be a special edition of the Contest University Italy !!! one of the most important event in the ham radio contest in Italy-
Mark it in your agenda!
The special edition will be dedicated to the CQWW Contest and the ICC Italian Contest Club, we will have Randy K5ZD CQWW Contest Director.
Thanks to the presence of Randy we will have an interaction with who organizes and directs CQWW the most important contest of the year.
Also after the success of our Team Italian II0HQ representative Ari in the IARU of July, we invited Giuseppe IT9BLB he will report the difficulties of management and operational strategies of a Multi Multi all over the Italian territory.
For the grand finale due to the presence of IK1HJS and promoters of the ICC we will have the presentation of the 'Italian Club Contest !!! which will be present an interesting opportunities to join this club and start to promote the Contest in Italy.
Reservation, as always via the web!
Registration to the event is Free.
Want to know more?
Visit the website to see the program.
73, Stefano IK2QEI - Romeo, IK2EAD - Guido, IK2BCP

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SZ5RDS/p Activation of Stroggili Islet (IOTA EU-001) & Ipsili Lighthouse during the ILLW 2014


A group of 4 hams (SV5AZP, SV5DDT, SV5DKL & SV5KKA) all members of the Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese (, will perform a mini DXpedition to Stroggili islet (IOTA EU-001), 5nm southeast of Kastellorizo (Megisti) island, during this year's ILLW (International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend) on 16-17/08/2014.

Callsign to be used is

Despite only military personnel is allowed on the islet, not only we managed to obtain all required permits for this operation, but we will be transferred to/from the islet by army's means.

Stroggili is a small rocky islet administrated by Megisti Municipality and its area is approximately 1 (1,5km long by up to 700m). 

A beautiful Lighthouse (named Ipsili) exists at the Southern part of Stroggili. It was originally put in service back in 1910, using oil lamp, which produced a luminosity of 20 nautical miles. It has a focal plane of 85 meters and it consists of a 6,6m high round tower. Since 1987, the Lighthouse operates automatically, solely with solar power and its current luminosity is 17 nautical miles. It is worth mentioning that before Cyprus enrolled the E.U., Stroggili islet used to be the southeasternmost part of European Union.
Our DXpedition will activate, in summary, the following:
  • DXCC: SV5 (Dodecanese)
  • IOTA: EU-001 (Dodecanese)
  • GIOTA: DKS-001
  • MIA: MGD-022
  • WLOTA: L-1653
  • ARLHS: GRE-123
Plus, we will take part in the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend.
The QTH Locator of Stroggili islet is: KM46TC (Maidenhead / Grid square)
The coordinates of the Lighthouse are:
  1. 36.10992, 29.63236
  2. 36° 6.595' N, 029° 37.942' E
  3. 36° 06' 36" N, 029° 37' 56" E
Our equipment will comprise of 2 fully equipped stations running 100w, modes to be used are SSB/CW/RTTY and we will use a 3el. mini beam for 10/15/20m, a λ/4 vertical for 40m, a Fritzel FD-4 Windom for 80-10m, a 5 el. 6m yagi and a 9 el. 2m yagi.
QSL will be via SV5AZP. Our logs will be uploaded to and Clublog, right after the end of the DXpedition.
Links with further info on Stroggili islet and Ipsili Lighthouse are:
73 es hpe cu on Air
On behalf of the Team
Stathis, SV5DKL