Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1st Greek Telegraphy Club (G.T.C.) CW Cup

Aim of the contest:      To contact members of the Greek Telegraphy Club (G.T.C.) in CW mode and to promote
                                         CW mode to the Radio Amateur community
Contest Period:             Saturday, 24 September 2011 - 12:00UTC until Sunday, 25 September 2011 - 12:00UTC
Modulation:                   Exclusively CW (A1A)
Συχνότητες λειτουργίας: 80m (3.520Mhz – 3.530Mhz)
                                              40m (7.020Mhz – 7.030Mhz)
                                              20m (14.030Mhz – 14.060Mhz)
                                              15m (21.030Mhz – 21.060Mhz)
                                              10m (28.030Mhz – 28.060Mhz)
                                              The above working bandwidths are recommended by the G.T.C. , but all CW QSOs
                                              in accordance with the official band plans will be considered valid
Categories:                          A. SOAB (Single Operator, All Bands, regardless of power output to the antenna
                                               B. SOAB/QRP (Single Operator, All Bands, power output to the antenna input
                                                    limited to 5W PEP). Stations participating in this category are obliged to send
                                                    /QRP after their callsign (e.g. SV5DKL/QRP)
RST:             G.T.C. Members: RST + GTC + 3-digit member number (e.g. for G.T.C. member nr. 28 the sent  
                                                     report should be 599 GTC 028)
                      Non-members : RST + Serial No. staring from 001
Who to work: Everyone may work everyone, but just once per each band. Participating members of the         
                          G.T.C. should take part under their own callsign and not under any special callsign
QSO Points: QSOs with G.T.C. members         : 10 points
                       QSOs with non-G.T.C. members : 1 point
Multipliers: Each QSO with a G.T.C. member per band counts for one (1) multiplier. For instance, if you work
                      the same G.T.C. member in three (3) different bands, then this counts for three (3) multipliers
Total Score: The total score is calculated by the sum of QSO points (as described above) multiplied by the
                       multiplier total
Log submission: Electronic logs of your participation should be e-mailed at latest by 30 October 2011 to  
                               the European Communications Manager of G.T.C. , Stathis Maliakis - SV5DKL to the
                               following e-mail address:
                               At the field of your e-mail you must write the callsign used as well as the
                               category of participation (Α ή Β). For instance, SV5DKL - Category A
                               Valid logs will be considered those that will have been received up to the above mentioned
                               date and that will be fully completed (the logs should contain at least the following data for
                               each QSO: Date, UTC, Callsign, Band, Mode, RST sent, Serial No. sent, RST received,
                               Serial No. received)
                               There is no special software developed yet for logging GTC CW Cup QSO data, so logs of the
                               following formats will be accepted:
                               ADIF, Cabrillo , .csv , .xls , .txt , .dat (dBase) , .wl (Writelog for Windows).
                               Also, hand-written logs sent by mail with postal signature up to 30 October 2011 will be
                               accepted, as long as they, too, contain at least the required data mentioned above for each
                               All hand-written logs should be mailed to the following address:
                               Efstathios Maliakis, SV5DKL, 2, G. Georgiadi str., GR-85100, Analipsi, Rhodes, Greece.
                               All submitted logs must clearly mention the details of the participating station
                               (Callsign, Name/Surname of the station's licensee and postal address) as well as the
                               following sentence:
                               ΄΄I hereby state responsibly that my participation to the 1st G.T.C. CW Cup is fully complied
                               with the rules and conditions set by the G.T.C. CW Cup committee and with the
                               permissions and restrictions defined for my station's radio amateur license. Furthermore,
                               I will wholeheartedly accept the results and decisions of the 1st G.T.C. CW Cup Committee"
Results:                The official results of the 1st G.T.C. CW Cup will be published during the Greek Hamfest 2012
                               which will be possibly held in the first weekend of June 2012
                               The results and decisions of the G.T.C. CW Cup Committee are final and no objections will be
Awards:                Top scorer of category Α. SOAB (regardless if he is a G.T.C. member or not) will be awarded
                               with a 30 cm. height cup with a commemorative plaque
                               Top scorer of category Β. SOAB/QRP (regardless if he is a G.T.C. member or not) will be
                               awarded with a 18 cm. height cup with a commemorative plaque
                               All stations that will submit their logs will receive a commemorative lapel pin for their
                               participation in the 1st G.T.C. CW Cup

Vy 73s & 55s
Efstathios Maliakis, SV5DKL , GTC #028
European Communications Manager - Greek Telegraphy Club