Saturday, April 26, 2008




73 all de SV2DCD Leonidas

ARRL DXCC 2-Meters for SV8CS

My good friend Spiros SV8CS made it !!

As of 26 Apr 2008 his callsing is on the ARRL DXCC list for 2m band !

Congratulations Spiros !

SV8CS 2m EME system 4x 16JXX2

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sporadic E season is coming

Sporadic E season is coming.When will be the first ES opening on 2m band for 2008?
Well no one knows but here is when was the first ES opening on 2m band for the past 6 years

2007 was 12 May

2006 was 17 May

2005 was 28 April

2004 was 02 May

2003 was 11 May

2002 was 15 May

Are you ready for this year ?
Good luck all
de SV2DCD Leo

Friday, April 18, 2008

WSPR by K1JT released

WSPR (pronounced "whisper") stands for "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter." This program implements transmitting and receiving for a digital soundcard mode called "MEPT_JT", an acronym for "Manned Experimental Propagation Tests, by K1JT". This is the initial release of a GUI-based version of the program. Screen shot.Click here to download WSPR. Then run the resulting executable to install the program. A full manual for WSPR has not yet been written, but a Quick Start guide is available. Program changes since veraion 0.5 are described in the Changelog. A basic description of the WSPR protocol can be found at .
Please send feedback on WSPR and its use to k1jt at arrl dot net.
WSPR Suggested Frequency Matrix

Note: This table reflects current practice. I recently sent out an alternate proposal for 17m and 10m, but that is not reflected here.
Also, please note that many JT65A operators also run WSPR while on JT65A calling frequencies, particularly 7.076 and 14.076.

Band Dial TX Center
160m 1.808.6 1.810.1
80m 3.592.6 3.594.1
40m 7.074.6 7.076.1
30m 10.138.7 10.140.2
20m 14.095.6 14.097.1
17m 18.103.0 18.104.5
15m 21.095.6 21.097.1
12m 24.925.6 24.927.1
10m 28.160.0 28.161.5
6m 50.293.0 50.294.5

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

France on 4m band ???


REF (France) Annual Report re 70MHz
Here is an extract from the French national society REF annual report 2008 to their membership.
Further details may be found at:

Dossier 70 MHz : Après l’ouverture de cette bande dans plusieurs pays (Monaco, Luxembourg, Italie, Gibraltar, Irlande, Slovénie, Danemark, Féroes, Afrique du Sud, Croatie, Grèce, Somalie), le REFUnion a demandé l’ouverture de cette bande en France. L’administration a souhaité un dossier pour étudier la faisabilité. Un dossier complémentaire concernant les indicatifs spéciaux préparé par la commission HF a été remis à la DiGiTip.

Depending on how good your French is there are encouraging signs for Digital, HF, 4m and 3.4GHz interests - a country where their regulator has been rather restrictive in the past.

David - VHF Manager, RSGB

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Live Ships Map AIS Vessel Traffic System

Real time Vessels positions

This service is on air as from December 2007:
Track vessels directions, find voyage-related information and see a map with current ship positions. The system is based on AIS (Automatic Identification System) which collects the current position on ships through VHF frequencies.
There is a note at says that this is an open project and that they are inviting any volunteers wishing to install an antenna plus an AIS receiver and send the data they collect to the central server.

Monday, April 7, 2008


This is my result from my participation to the SP DX CONTEST during the weekend.
SP DX Contest
Call: SV2DCD
Operator(s): SV2DCD
Station: SV2DCD
Class: SOSB/40SSB HP
QTH: Kastoria
Operating Time (hrs): 10
Summary: Band CW Qs Ph Qs Mults
40: 284 16
Total: 0 284 16
Total Score = 13,632
Club: Northern Greece Contest Team