Saturday, November 28, 2009


Denis SV8RV just send me a very interesting email

His station works with a powerful PC as a monitoring station in cw CQWW CONTEST.
It uses the latest technology QS1R receiver who is scheduled to act as receiver to 7 bands of HF Simultaneously and decodes 96 KHZ in each band the same time. Everything emits CQ recorded and passed on the petition and the

Statistical reports you can see here.

In the attached picture you can see that the system enough to use both at around 1400 decoders ie as if we were 1400 operators and looking for us.

Take the statistics very carefully. The statistical analysis of the reports should be made at the end of the contest. It all of course they are made thanks to the innovative software VE3NEA (skimmer server)

73 de SV8RV

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Friday, November 20, 2009

ON Belgium on 4m band


The Council of the BIPT decided in accordance with Article 13 of the Act of June 13, 2005 on electronic communications, to authorize all holders of a Avergunning Radio amateurs (HAREC) to the frequency 69.950 MHz on a secondary basis Using a power of 10 W EIRP and a maximum bandwidth of 10 kHz. Radio Amateurs who wish to perform experiments at this frequency, are required for this first the Institute to report by letter or by e-mail address This Decision shall enter into force on the day it is published (Ed. 19 Nov. 2009).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

LA Norway now qrv on 4m band !!

Bo 0Z2M reports @

As of 5 November 2009 Norway has added 70 MHz to the radio amateur bands in Norway, Svalbard, Bear Island, Jan Mayen, Bouvet Island, Peter I Island and the Norwegian land areas on Antarctica.

Frequency spans: 70,0625-70,0875 MHz, 70,1375-70,1875 MHz, 70,2625-70,3125 MHz, 70,3625-70,3875 MHz and 70,4125-70,4625 MHz. Power limit is 100 W.

Great news !!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The youngest radio amateurs in Greece !!

12 years old Anna and 13 years old Nick are the youngest radio amateurs in Greece.

Great news and well done Spiros (SV8CS) and George (SV8RX) !!!

I wish both many great qso !!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New one # 321 ! TX3A in the log !

Just worked on 30m cw TX3A.
A new one for me.
Nice to see my worked dxcc countries at number 321
Good luck all
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

OH Finland now qrv on 4m band !!

Great news from

Bo,OZ2M writes

As of today Ficora, the Finnish regulator, has granted access to the 4 m band in Finland

Frequency slots: 70,000-70,175 MHz and 70,225 - 70,300 MHz. Maximum power is 25 W, 30 W or 100 W depending on location and license class.

Transmission is not permitted:

- within Lieksa, lomants, Joensuu, Kontiolahti, Polvijärvi, Juuka, Nurmes, Valtimo, Kuhmo, Hyrynsalmi, Suomussalmi, Ristijärvi och Sotkamo municipalities

- transmission less than 50 km from the boarder to Russia is only permitted with the antenna main loop pointing away from 0°-180°

- maximum transmission power is limited to 25 W when distance to the Norwegian and Swedish boarders are less than 50 km

Only locators KP53 & KP54 can't be QRV.

Great news for the 70mhz band operators !!!

Good luck with this challenge

73 de SV2DCD Leo

The Dawn of a New Era.YAESU FTDX5000MP

Monday, November 2, 2009

Analog switch-off for Digital switchover TV and what this means for an amateur radio station !!

Good friend Bo,OZ2M reports today


Then came the final night when the analog TV transmitters were closed. I was very
wonder what it would mean for me since I live only 3 km in a direct line
from Gladsaxe transmitter on channel 4th

It meant something then? YES it did!

Before I had the intermodulation between P3 at 93.9 MHz and the sideband noise of
K4. It has now disappeared. Overall, 6-10 dB improvement and dust the floor is now
almost fell. Directly at the transmitter is improving even better though
I do not have any measurements of it.

So the transition from analog TV to digital TV appears to be an unconditional
success here in Herlev.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

XR0Y on the air and in the log

The XR0Y team is on the air.Victoria SV2KBS and the other members of the team started this morning on 40m ssb.Good 59 copy here in NW Greece.Worked on 7.083 8kcs up from their tx qrg 7.075

Now waiting badly for TX3A Chesterfield Islands.This would be a new one for me !

Good luck all

73 de SV2DCD Leonidas