Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two great qsl cards received today !

2m Es summary from yesterday

This is my 2m Es summary from yesterday afternoon.
Nice opening to Russia and Ukraine for about 15min.

14:21 RN6DJ KN96

14:25 RA6HHT LN04

14:25 RZ6BU KN64

14:26 RA6LOT LN17

14:27 RX6APY KN95

14:28 RA6DA KN96

14:29 UA6MA KN97

14:31 RV6BU KN94

14:33 RU6LB LN16

14:34 UA6YIM KN94

14:34 RW6HD LN15

14:35 UT5JCW KN64

14:37 RW6AG KN95

All qso's SSB

My setup on 2m band is TS2000X,100W,4X17el Cushcraft

Cu again maybe today !!!!

gl de SV2DCD Leo

Monday, May 17, 2010

ON Belgium new one on 4m band and GW Wales new one on 2m band

What a great opening this afternoon on 6m,4m an 2m bands !!
All started around 15:00z with es on 6m to DL.Great signals.Everything was promising.30 min later i worked on 4m band EA6BB and EA6SX with 59+ signals.I was cqing on 70.200 mhz cw beacon mode for more than an hour when at 16:56 z ON4PS replied my cq as i was also rxing on 69.950 mhz for ON.The report received was 559.Bingo ! A new one for me on 4m band and also 1st ever qso on 4m band between ON-SV.Next one from ON were ON5QRP on ssb,ON4KHG and ON5VW.Some G stations come through very strong.This was promising for es on 2m band.The MUF was getting higer.So at 18:19 z Dave G7RAU heard calling ca on 144.305 with 59 report.Then i made qsy on 144.310 calling CQ ES.What a surpise! GW8JLY replied.Another new one for me this time on 2m band !!
Hoping for another great es openings an more dx and new ones on VHF.
73 all de SV2DCD Leonidas