Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monster antenna 9el 24m boom on 28mhz !!! by Erik PD1DX

My good friend Willy PA3EVY just send me photos from new antenna 9el 24m boom for 10m band built by Erik PD1DX !!
More info about Erik's setup is here

Monday, July 7, 2008


The AEGEAN VHF CONTEST is over with a new personal record !!
I completed 96 qso's on 2m ssb and many dxcc's in the log --SV,SV9,YU,S5,9A,E7,4O,HA,OM,LZ,YO,TA,9H--
The weekend started great! Excellent weather conditions and thewRADIO CLUB OF KASTORIA team was all ready for the contest.The members were Steve SV2RM,Lakis SV2FNH, Dimitris SV2/VA2EEB and myself SV2DCD all /p.
Every member had their setup ready to begin the contest on time. SV2RM with 4 antennas DK7ZB homemade 19el each for 432mhz, SV2/VA2EEB with 5el F9FT for 6m band and myself with 2 antennas (2m band 17el CUSHCRAFT w/10m boom. Lakis SV2FNH was on the logistic (souvlaki,tzatziki,beer etc.. hihihi)
The contest site was located in grid squjare KN00LI at 1800m asl about 1 hour away from the qth. Everything went according to schedule and by 12:30z on Saturday we were ready to install our setup. We first started with the two 2m antennas. We then connected them to the splitter and a small 200W mosfet linear amplifier around 200w connected directly to the splitter for minimal coupling losses and removing any unecessary cable losses.
A 3m cable was used as a driving element from my YAESU FT-847 transceiver to the amplifier. I acheived a SWR 1:1.2 and was ready to go!
The 432mhz were next. The four 19el antennas were installed quickly with the help of the entire team on a 10m mast connected to a KENWOOD TS-2000 via a splitter.
Then the 6m band antenna (5el F9FT on a 6m mast) was connected to the same tranceiver.
At 14:00z Saturday afternoon we were on the air. I acheived the first qso on 2m with YT2L from KN03EH. Around 20:42, LZ5QD was logged and I decided to put the PTT down for the night and took some much needed rest.
By sunday morning, with the help of some strong coffe,I had a great time making some good dx's during the morning tropospheric propagation.
Bingo !! At 02:25z OM8A was logged!
Some good propagation openings during Sunday with my first dxcc's from KN00LI thanks to TA1D and 9H1XT.
Total qso's 96! I am looking forward to another great year!
73's de SV2DCD!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


This weekend i will be qrv on 144mhz from Mnt.Grammos 1800m asl qra locator KN00LI for the AEGEAN VHF CONTEST and July VHF/UHF/SHF Field day Contest 2008.

PSE STATIONS FROM 9A,S5,I,Z3,ZA,YU,4O,T9,OE,OM,OK,LZ,YO,UT, look for me.Excellent takeoff to these directions
My portable equipment :

Ant : 2x17el CUSHCRAFT
Rig : YAESU FT847
RF Power : 250w
Good luck to the stations qrv.Hope to hear you all !