Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer 2013 is over

Casa Playa,Banana Beach is my favourite beach in Zante
I am back from my vacations 5 days now.Everything reminds here that summer is over.Temperature is going down here in Kastoria.Lot of work was waiting for me at my store.And of course at my shack.Winter is coming so some maintenance to the antennas and some new installations are necessary.My ham radio activity this summer was not bad.First of all we had the 6m marathon.As always started in May and ended in Augoust.My results for this year was the best ever in this competitionI was able to work 100 countries in this period and take the 4th place

It is great to see two greek station in the top five list.
Spiros SV8CS did a great job in the second place
When i was in Zante ( i go there every summer for my vacations ) i visited his remote station and saw the excellent work you need to take the second and even the first place (6m marathon 2011)

SV8CS and SV2DCD.Teacher and student for more than 25 years now
In the beginning of July we had the Aegean Vhf Contest.This year another record of received log books.
94 logbooks from all over europe have received.Thank you everyone for participating.In my previous blog post you can see a list of the received logbooks till Augoust 12.
I will update the list soon
SX8AEG during the Aegean VHF contest 2013
So what is next ?
Me and my good friend Panos SV2MCH we are planning to go qrv on VLF 137khz and 472khz.
Panos has made some good steps making the loading coil and the variometer.
I have started to make a Marconi T antenna so in the next days we will start some tests starting with the RX first.
Loading coil @ SV2MCH.Another one is ready for me also

Another plan is to put up my 80m vertical again.Some nice dxpedition are coming during winter time and we have to work them in all bands !
Also some work on my beverage antennas needed.And many many more hihi
I wish you all to have a nice winter time with many DX and ham radio activity
CU on the air
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

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