Saturday, October 16, 2010

F2 propagation is back on 6m band

During the last days F2 propagation is back on 6m band.
Even though in my qth there was no one heard or worked via F2 skip we can see on the cluster history that stations from western Europe had some qso's via F2.
In my qth the most remarkable event on 6m was to copy (for the first time) very strong the SV1SIX/B from Athens via backscatter

CT1FFU 50006.0 PY0FF wow 599 F2 1822 15 Oct Fernando de Noro

CT1FFU 50091.2 S9SIX 529 f2 1727 15 Oct Sao Tome & P

KE4WBO 50000.1 CE1 cemusic>fl f2f2 2021 12 Oct Chile

KE4WBO 50036.0 OA4B/B 55-579 f2 1956 12 Oct Peru

CT1FFU 50110.0 KP4EIT 559 f2 1753 11 Oct Puerto Rico

CT1FFU 50032.0 D4C F2 529 1704 11 Oct Cape Verde

Good luck all on magic band !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

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