Thursday, May 27, 2010

2m Es summary from yesterday

This is my 2m Es summary from yesterday afternoon.
Nice opening to Russia and Ukraine for about 15min.

14:21 RN6DJ KN96

14:25 RA6HHT LN04

14:25 RZ6BU KN64

14:26 RA6LOT LN17

14:27 RX6APY KN95

14:28 RA6DA KN96

14:29 UA6MA KN97

14:31 RV6BU KN94

14:33 RU6LB LN16

14:34 UA6YIM KN94

14:34 RW6HD LN15

14:35 UT5JCW KN64

14:37 RW6AG KN95

All qso's SSB

My setup on 2m band is TS2000X,100W,4X17el Cushcraft

Cu again maybe today !!!!

gl de SV2DCD Leo

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Arnold said...

This was great to read, thank you