Saturday, April 10, 2010

First e sporadic for 2010 on 6m band

Yesterday we had the first e sporadic for 2010 on 6m band.
Started around 17:00z between SV9 -9A and I
9A5CW     50045.7 SV9GPV      sporadic E !! 559 1651 09 Apr Crete
Then my good friend Fotis SV2JL worked IS0 station and heard F
SV2JL     50098.0 IS0GQX        599 tnx 1848 09 Apr Sardinia
Also my good friend George SV8RX had qso with I

SV8RX-@ 50098.0 IK2HDF via [L]direct, eqsl, lotw. Massimo 1818 09 Apr Italy

And of course the "magic" beacon.It is always there when the e sporadic is on !!!
I am talking about SV3BSF/B.I had written for this beacon and the impressive number of dx spots here
What a great location must be for a 6m enthousiast !!
Anyway it is very promising that the first e sporadic on 6m band came early !
Isn't it ???
Good luck all on magic band !!
de Leo SV2DCD

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sv8rx said...

That is right Leo. We had the first TEP 2 weeks ago and the first sE early April. This is going to be a hot season for 6m.