Monday, November 2, 2009

Analog switch-off for Digital switchover TV and what this means for an amateur radio station !!

Good friend Bo,OZ2M reports today


Then came the final night when the analog TV transmitters were closed. I was very
wonder what it would mean for me since I live only 3 km in a direct line
from Gladsaxe transmitter on channel 4th

It meant something then? YES it did!

Before I had the intermodulation between P3 at 93.9 MHz and the sideband noise of
K4. It has now disappeared. Overall, 6-10 dB improvement and dust the floor is now
almost fell. Directly at the transmitter is improving even better though
I do not have any measurements of it.

So the transition from analog TV to digital TV appears to be an unconditional
success here in Herlev.


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