Friday, October 2, 2009

Some DX in the log after a long time

In the last two weeks my logbook seems to get some DX again after a long time.
FT5GA,TX5SPA,3D20CR,XV3RRC are some good ones and there are more to come (i hope) like TX5SPM,K4M,XR0Y,TX3A.
10m band seems to give as the oportunity to work some dx during the afternoon with Africa and South America.I have heard a couple of times the Z21ANB,3B8MS beacons,worked FT5GA and TL0A and of course many PY's and LU's.
Yesterday conditions on 40m band was very good.3D20CR during the afternoon was 59+ on cw and on rtty also.Really impressive signal from Conway Reff !!
Let's hope for such good conditions during the CQ WW DX SSB contest.
Good luck all de SV2DCD Leo

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Anonymous said...

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