Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EA1DDU Spain new one on 4m band

Yesterday afternoon around 18:00 z as i was listening on 70.200 ssb i heard Domi EA1DDU calling "cq es 4m". Bingo ! The report was 55 both sides and the qso done.This is a "new one" for me on 4m band and 1st ever qso between Spain and Greece on 70mhz.When i finished the qso with Domi he passed the mic to another station.I think she was a yl but the qsb was fast and lost them. 10 min later i had also qso with EA6VQ ssb and cw with booming signals.
My setup on 4m band is 9el 10m boom DK7ZB homemade and YAESU FT-847.
EA, EA6, EA8, EA9 stations have, as of 22 June, been allowed back onto 70 MHz until June 2010.
70.150 MHz +/- 6 kHz and 70.200 MHz +/- 6 kHz using 10W

Tnx Domi for the nice qso !

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