Wednesday, November 4, 2009

OH Finland now qrv on 4m band !!

Great news from

Bo,OZ2M writes

As of today Ficora, the Finnish regulator, has granted access to the 4 m band in Finland

Frequency slots: 70,000-70,175 MHz and 70,225 - 70,300 MHz. Maximum power is 25 W, 30 W or 100 W depending on location and license class.

Transmission is not permitted:

- within Lieksa, lomants, Joensuu, Kontiolahti, Polvijärvi, Juuka, Nurmes, Valtimo, Kuhmo, Hyrynsalmi, Suomussalmi, Ristijärvi och Sotkamo municipalities

- transmission less than 50 km from the boarder to Russia is only permitted with the antenna main loop pointing away from 0°-180°

- maximum transmission power is limited to 25 W when distance to the Norwegian and Swedish boarders are less than 50 km

Only locators KP53 & KP54 can't be QRV.

Great news for the 70mhz band operators !!!

Good luck with this challenge

73 de SV2DCD Leo

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