Saturday, November 28, 2009


Denis SV8RV just send me a very interesting email

His station works with a powerful PC as a monitoring station in cw CQWW CONTEST.
It uses the latest technology QS1R receiver who is scheduled to act as receiver to 7 bands of HF Simultaneously and decodes 96 KHZ in each band the same time. Everything emits CQ recorded and passed on the petition and the

Statistical reports you can see here.

In the attached picture you can see that the system enough to use both at around 1400 decoders ie as if we were 1400 operators and looking for us.

Take the statistics very carefully. The statistical analysis of the reports should be made at the end of the contest. It all of course they are made thanks to the innovative software VE3NEA (skimmer server)

73 de SV8RV

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