Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The name of her Lydia

Well it was a full weekend the one was past.Full of happy moments with relatives and good friends.
Last sunday my very beautifull niece got baptized.The name she got is Lydia.
The only thing left is to take here amateur radio lisence hihi.
Many lovely relatives and family friends where invited.
Here is a photo from the best of the best family friend ever hihi
George SV2AGW stayed for a couple of days in my house and once again we had the opportunity to talk about ham radio but also about memories from the past and ideas for the future.
It was fun !
SV2AGW @ SV2DCD shack


As for my radio activity this month we had the 9M0L dx pedition.I had Spratly island in my log from past dx pedition many years ago.But only one qso on 20m ssb.
This one was a big opportunity to work the guys as many bands as possible
Well i did it.8 bands (10m,12m,17m,15m,20m,30m,40m,80m)out of 10 bands worked and 13 qso with that one on 10m SSB missing from their online logbook.
I heard the guys on 160m also but they couldn't copy me.
Anyway it was a nice dx pedition and congrats to the operators for the patience.
For my friends working on VHF bands keep in mind that we have great TEP openings on 6m band almost every afternoon and evening
And of course the  E SPORADIC season is coming.And the VHF contesting season.......with many surprises for you ! Stay tuned !
73 de SV2DCD Leonidas

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