Saturday, June 13, 2009

D44TD Cape Verde New one on 4m band

Yesterday i had qso on 4m band 70.200mhz SSB at with Xara D44TD.
His locator is HK86NO and the qrb is 4970 km a new DX world record for multi hop es on 4m band.Xara was very strong on 6m band 50.120 peaking over s9.
I asked him to qsy on 70.200 ssb first at around 17:50z.No copy at that time.
Second try was after 10min while his signal on 6m was building more.No copy also.
Then at 18:09 third try i had him on 70.200 SSB rst 44 !!!!!
Tnx Xara for the nice qso and new one for me!!!

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