Monday, March 31, 2008

New CQ WW WPX SSB world record in M/S HP category from 5D5A

My good friends IK2QEI Stefano and IK2GSC Matteo made it ! They hold a new world record for CQ WW WPX SSB CONTEST in category M/S HP.

Here is the score

Call: 5D5A

Operator(s): IK2SGC - IK2QEI

Station: CN3A

Class: M/S HP

QTH: Safi, Morocco

Operating Time (hrs): 48


Band QSOs


160: 17

80: 1007

40: 1016

20: 2043

15: 2441

10: 13


Total: 6537 Prefixes = 1370 Total Score = 35,102,025

Congratulations guys !

Have to say that the contest site belongs to Stefano, IK2QEI – Matteo, IK2SGC – and Spiros, SV8CS all good friends and great contest operators ! I had the opportunity to run some contests with this team (SY8A)

I wish to the team more new records also to other contests and categories!