Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Surprise with 6m and 4m sporadic e during Christmas Day !

Yesterday at 17:08utc i worked on 4m band 70.202 cw Bo OZ1DJJ.Big surprise duringChristmas day!
The sporadic e started from 10m band to SP,DL then on 6m where OZ7IGY/B on 50.021 was 599 for long time.Then the same beacon came up on 70.021with signal peaking 559.At the next moment i started calling in cw on 70.202 and Bo answered.
The funniest is that the qso made with my hf beam due to a repair on my 4m band antenna !!!
Now we know that an OB12-4 working also on 4m :-)
Tnx Bo
Happy new year 2008 to all

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